Grinding and Sand Blasting

Grinding and Sand Blasting are other professional services we perform as a restorative and cleaning procedure to prepare existing pavement or concrete for a new specialty coating or striping.

Parking Stop Products (Wheel Stops, Speed Bumps & More)

Provide maximum protection and curb appeal to your parking lot with Parking Stop Products. Firemans Paving Contractors supplies and installation services include:

  • Concrete & Asphalt Wheel Stops
  • Recycled Rubber Wheel Stops
  • Recycled Rubber Speed Bumps / Humps

Pressure Washing

Firemans Paving Contractors offers highly cost effective and environmentally friendly Commercial Pressure Washing Services for parking lots, parking garages, sidewalks and building structures providing a fresh clean appearance. We offer maintenance plan packages as well as one-time services or annual contracts to help maintain your property keeping it safe, clean and appealing.

Seal Coating

For longer lasting wear and beautification, Firemans Paving Contractors performs seal coating services and recommends doing so (1) year after new asphalt installation and then every (2) years for repair and maintenance as needed for your asphalt parking lot. As part of our preparation process, the surface area is properly prepped by air blowing and crack filling prior to applying seal coat. Parking lot seal coating totally reforms the old to a perfect new image, thus improving the image of your company.


Firemans Paving Contractors offers a wide array of standard and custom metal signage in accordance with American Disabilities Act (ADA) and Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS). Services also include delivery and installation by coring (drilling) holes in concrete for post or bollard installation, pole in dirt secured with concrete or securing on building.


Parking lot striping is what got us started in the Paving business offering you a one-stop shop solution for all of your parking lot maintenance needs. Firemans Paving Contractors offers the highest quality striping, using premium products and equipment for all your parking lot striping needs. From new parking lot striping to routine maintenance, Firemans Paving Contractors commitment to safety and knowledge of local fire lane codes and ADA requirements will provide a clearly marked, compliant and clean striped parking lot.

Warehouse Striping & Specialty Coatings

Ensure safety protocols by allowing Firemans Paving Contractors to service your warehouse floor’s striping and specialty finishes. Having a clean, organized and well-maintained warehouse floor is vital to a company’s organization. We’d be honored to assess your warehouse floor and company needs to determine how we can best fit your striping and floor maintenance needs.

Thermoplastic Striping

Thermoplastic pavement marking is a cost-effective solution and is used in the traffic marking industry typically on roads for it’s durability, long wearing and reflective traits allowing night visibility. Firemans Paving Contractors offers preform application, as well as Type I and Type II to meet Texas Department of Transportation (TX DOT) requirements, spec materials for public or private road markings. Uses for thermoplastic application include:

  • Crosswalks
  • Legends
  • Intersections & Medians
  • Bike Paths
  • Airports
  • Drive-through Areas
  • Single or Double Lines

Traffic Control Supplies & Services

Firemans Paving Contractors is committed to ensuring safety for commuters and pedestrians alike. Improve the visibility of crosswalk areas and control the flow of traffic displaying important signs and/or physical barriers from potential hazards. Supplies and Services designed and dedicated to serve your traffic control needs include:

  • Sign Posts
  • Delineators
  • Bollards
  • Traffic & Parking Signs
  • Traffic Buttons
  • Traffic Markers