Traffic Control & Supplies

Ensuring the safety of both vehicles and pedestrians in your parking lot is paramount. Firemans Paving Contractors is committed to ensuring safety for commuters and pedestrians alike by providing the following items to meet your specific needs.

● Speed Bumps & Wheel Stops
● Traffic & Parking Signs
● Delineators
● Bollards
● Traffic Buttons & Markers

Speed Bumps & Wheel Stops

Parking stop products such as wheel stops and speed bumps/humps play a crucial role in regulating traffic flow and improving safety in parking lots and other commercial spaces. Wheel stops are designed to prevent vehicles from going over their designated parking spaces which will not only reduce the risk of damage to property but ensures a more organized layout.

Speed bumps and humps help to slow down vehicles and encourage drivers to be more cautious when navigating through parking areas, ultimately reducing the chances of accidents and promoting a safer environment for both pedestrians and vehicles. These products are essential for maintaining order and preventing chaos in busy parking facilities.

Traffic & Parking Signs

Signage in parking lots is of utmost importance as it plays a critical role in guiding both vehicles and pedestrians safely through the space. Clear and visible signs help drivers navigate the lot efficiently, locate available parking spaces, and understand any restrictions or regulations in place. Signage also alerts pedestrians to designated crosswalks, loading zones, and potential hazards.

In addition, signs indicating handicapped parking, emergency exits, and other important information ensure accessibility and safety for all individuals using the parking facility. Overall, proper signage is essential for maintaining order, ensuring safety, and enhancing the overall parking experience


Delineators can be a crucial component of any parking lot design where people can become easily disoriented or confused.. These small, reflective posts serve as visual cues that help drivers navigate through the parking area safely and efficiently. Not only can they define traffic flow, but they can also designate specific areas for parking or pedestrians to walk.

They can also help with the prevention of parking lot congestion by clearly outlining the paths that the vehicles should follow. Additionally, delineators improve visibility in low-light conditions or inclement weather due to the reflective material that makes them highly visible, even at night or in reduced visibility conditions. This helps drivers see the boundaries of the parking lot and avoid collisions with other vehicles or obstacles.


Bollards can also be a crucial element in any parking lot design. They often play a vital role in enhancing safety and organization by serving multiple important functions to enhance safety and efficiency.

These sturdy posts are typically installed at strategic locations throughout a parking lot to provide protection, guide traffic, and improve pedestrian safety. By strategically placing bollards in key locations, such as entrances, walkways, and storefronts, property owners can minimize the risk of accidents and reduce potential damage and injury to both pedestrians and their building.

Additionally, they also contribute to security by preventing unauthorized access and illegal parking, ultimately creating a safer and more secure parking environment for both vehicles and pedestrians. Overall, investing in high-quality bollards is essential for property owners looking to improve the safety, organization, and efficiency of their parking lot.

Traffic Buttons & Markers

Traffic buttons or markers can be an essential component of any parking lot.  They often play a crucial role in guiding and organizing the flow of vehicles. These small yet important markers are strategically placed on the ground to indicate parking spaces, driving lanes, and pedestrian walkways. In addition to enhancing the overall safety and efficiency of the parking lot, traffic buttons also help prevent accidents, reduce confusion, and ensure a smooth traffic flow.

By clearly demarcating different areas within the parking lot, these markers help drivers navigate the space more easily and prevent congestion. Overall, the presence of traffic buttons or markers in a parking lot is indispensable for maintaining order, preventing accidents, and creating a safe and user-friendly environment for all users.

At Firemans Paving Contractors, we provide a variety of traffic safety tools to enhance both the appearance and the functionality of your parking lot or paved areas. In addition, we also provide parking lot striping for bike paths, crosswalks, and drive-through areas to ensure your parking lot and other properties comply with Department of Transportation regulations. Our highly skilled team can assist you with determining the best options to maximize the safety and appearance of your property. Contact us today for a FREE Estimate.

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