Pothole Repair


This revolutionary permanent asphalt solution is for use on both asphalt and concrete and is immediately traffic ready after repair. This product is used for repairing potholes, pavement damage, parking lot repairs, utility cuts, driveway repair and more. It is easy to use and fully cured in just 24 hours.
Aquaphalt 6.0 is a moderate aggregate and is best used for repairs of 1″ +. These repairs could include small road repairs, utility service line road repair, coring fills, small parking lot repairs and road depressions.

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Aquaphalt 6.0

Product Features:

  • Environmentally Safe – contains no toxic solvents or VOCs, made with a proprietary, plant-based binder
  • Cost Effective – saves you money and time by eliminating costly repeat repairs
  • Traffic ready immediately – can be driven over right after repair is made as road traffic actually helps with the final compaction of the product
  • Completely set up in 24 hours
  • Permanent solution – the repair will be stronger than the surrounding material and typically outlasts the surrounding material
  • Shelf life – an unopened container is good for 12 months from the date of production as long as it is properly stored (cool, dry location without freezing temps). The shelf life of an opened container depends on how well the package is resealed and the humidity of the environment. The product reacts with water – thus will also react with moisture in the air. Proper storage is imperative to allow the product to have a longer shelf life.

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