Parking Lot Striping

Parking lot striping is what got us started in the paving business. We are pleased to not only offer the highest quality striping, but to also be able to offer you a one-stop shop solution for all of your parking lot maintenance needs.

Why Parking Lot Striping is Important

A parking lot is one of the first things noticed by clients, customers, and visitors as they enter your place of business. A newly striped parking lot is a good indication that a property is taken care of, and a well-marked lot directs people where to park and which direction to drive while on your property. Crosswalks and properly marked curbside pickup areas can help pedestrians to remain safe while on your property. It’s important to make sure your parking lot makes a good first impression on your visitors.

Parking Lot Striping Design Considerations

Maximize Space

A property owner aims to get the most cars possible into a parking lot in a safe manner and a good parking lot striping design can help with this.

Efficient Traffic Flow

Customers want parking lots that allow them to enter, park, and exit quickly. Well-marked parking stalls, arrows, and handicap-reserve signs help to efficiently direct cars and trucks as they travel through your parking lot.

Designated Parking

Before striping your lot, you should take into consideration if your parking lot needs separate parking for customers, employees, visitors or other individuals. It is also imperative to ensure that your parking lot meets ADA requirements by having the allotted number of handicap stalls as designated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Whether your parking lot is already adequately marked and just needs a new coat of paint or your parking lot needs updated markings to help with traffic control, Fireman’s Paving Contractors is here to help.