Restriping Your Parking Lot

Benefits of Restriping Your Parking Lot

Typically it is recommended to restripe your parking lot every 18 to 24 months. Sun exposure, precipitation, traffic patterns and quality of paint can all affect how much the paint fades over time. You may be tempted to stretch the time between restriping to save money, but you may want to consider the following benefits of restriping more often.

Restriping Parking Lot Benefits:


Your parking lot is often the first thing people see as they enter your place of business. A newly restriped parking lot, with it’s vibrant and crisp paint lines, will automatically improve your curb appeal and get you on track for a great first impression.

Reducing Liability

parking lot striping

Faded lines can make it hard to navigate your parking lot therefore a parking lot restripe is essential. Traffic markings are important to tell people who has the right away, where pedestrians should walk and which direction to drive in your parking lot. Without this information it is possible you could be left at fault for accidents that happen in your parking lot.

ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became law in 1990 and regulates how many accessible parking spaces a parking lot must maintain, as well as, the requirements for wider parking spots to accommodate vans. These spots should be clearly marked and restriping parking lot lines can help make it clear to those with accessible needs to know where to park. Non compliance with these requirements can be costly so it is importance to stay up to date with these laws. And a parking lot restripe can help make sure it’s clear to your disabled customers where they should park for easier accessibility to your building.

Compliance with Fire Code

Another equally important thing to make sure you are in compliance with is your local fire code. Fire lanes help ensure that emergency responders are able to get to your building in case of emergency. It is important that these lanes are marked appropriately and a fresh coat of paint ensures that they are easily seen.

It is easy to see that restriping a parking lot has many benefits and is well worth the investment. If your parking lot lines are fading or you are not sure if you are in compliance, reach out to us today for a free consultation. Fireman’s Paving would be honored to be of service with any of your parking lot restriping needs.

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