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Is There a Preferred Season to do Asphalt Paving?

As you travel about in the summer it is common to see and smell asphalt being laid on streets and in parking lots. It is not quite so common to see this in the winter or early spring. It’s not that nobody thinks to take care of these things in the cooler months, but it just makes more sense to lay asphalt in the warmer months. There are several reasons why summer is the best time to get your asphalt and paving projects completed. Below we will discuss a few of these reasons.

Avoiding Inclement Weather

The driest time of the year in most climates, especially in Texas, usually occurs during the summer months. Summer showers do certainly pop up, but in general they are short in nature and due to the constant heat the moisture evaporates rather quickly. Also, the night to day differential in temperature is much smaller in the summer which allows for nearly 24 hours of ideal temperatures for the asphalt to cure making it usable in a much shorter time frame than in the winter months.

Efficient Application

Asphalt needs to be kept above 70 degrees to avoid having it start to harden and becoming unusable. Not only is that important as it is waiting to be poured, but it is important for after it is poured and is waiting to be smoothed out. In cooler temperatures, asphalt hardens much quicker which often leads to bumps and ridges. Warmer temps allows crews plenty of time to get their equipment ready and rolling to provide a super smooth surface. This is even more beneficial in spots where the asphalt will need to be smoothed out by hand. 

Greater Stability

The consistent warmth of the summer can also be helpful with the setting process as well. The benefit to the air temperature being well above 70 degrees is that the asphalt is generally much more uniform when it’s laid. One benefit to this is the the chances of air bubbles being present decreases which leaves it less susceptible to damage from water seeping into small cracks left from those air bubbles.

Longer Daytime Hours

Another benefit of summer is the longer hours of sunlight. This can make the difference between a job being able to be completed in just a day or being extended to a two day project. This is not only beneficial by making it more convenient for you by only having you parking area shut down for a day, but will also be less expensive as well due to lower labor cost.

Ideal for Seal Coating

After your asphalt surface is laid it is very important to have a protective seal applied. This seal coating plays a major role in preserving and protecting your asphalt surface. While it can not stop cracks and potholes from occurring, it can greatly reduce the chances of them occurring and also greatly delay their occurrence. This small investment can save you thousands over the lifetime of your asphalt surface. It is very important for the seal coating to dry completely before traffic can be allowed on the surface which makes summer an ideal time for it to be applied. The summer heat will not only allow for the surface to dry faster, but also allow for a stronger bond.


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