Parking Lot Safety Equipment

The Importance of Parking Lot Safety Equipment

Parking lot safety equipment, such as speed bumps and traffic signs, are very important to help control the flow of traffic on your property. Lack of signage or ill placed markings can result in confusion for drivers and even be the cause of accidents. Below are several parking lot safety devices and how they may benefit your property :

Pavement Marking

Pavement markings are all around us as we are on the roadways. These markings are used to convey messages to drivers as they travel on roads or in parking lots. These markings indicate which part of the roadway to use, where and when not to turn and even potential hazards ahead. Some of the most common pavement markings in a parking lot are cross walks, one way only markings, handicap parking, fire lanes and turn arrows. Together all of these items will help to ensure that you have good traffic flow, but more importantly that you are up to par with local building and zoning codes.

Speed Bumps and Humps

Speed bumps and speed humps are designed to control the speed of traffic which allows for the area to be safer for both pedestrians and other drivers. Wherever people and cars are in close proximity, traffic safety is of heightened concern. Speed reduction is one way to protect people in these areas. A commercial paving company can help you figure out the best placement of both speed humps and bumps and which is more appropriate for a particular area.

Wheel Stops or Curbs

Wheel stops are placed in parking stalls to allow drivers to know where to stop in order to prevent vehicles from parking on sidewalks or other restricted areas. By physically obstructing a car’s wheels, they keep drivers from pulling through a parking space or attempting other risky maneuvers. This can prevent damage to buildings, sidewalks, delicate landscape as well as other vehicles. These are usually painted white or yellow to allow them to be easily seen both day and night, but can also be painted blue to help differentiate handicap spots


Bollards are short vertical posts designed to catch the attention of drivers in order to prevent crashes around designated areas. More than likely, you have seen bollards but may not have known what they were called.  They are often placed in front of buildings to protect them from vehicles driving into the building by accident or on purpose. Bollards are a practical, simple and cost-effective way to protect pedestrians and motorists as well as buildings and structures.


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