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How Parking Lot Striping Could Improve You Curbside Pickup

COVID 19 has changed so many things in our daily lives, both on a personal basis and on a business level. Many businesses have had to adapt to the changing times to either stay profitable or even to stay in business. Probably one of the most common changes has been the addition of curbside pickup to many businesses. Retailers and restaurants alike have made it commonplace to offer curbside pickup. While curbside pickup has many benefits for both the store and the consumer, it can quickly make the inefficiencies of your parking lot striping very apparent. There’s never been a better time to reevaluate your current parking lot striping with a commercial paving company. Here are a few reasons why.

Adapting to part of your business requiring your employees to be running in and out of your building constantly can take a bit, but you’ve likely worked out a good system to make that more efficient. Have you paid attention to your parking lot though? Adequate markings in your parking lot can help ensure that traffic flows well which can make this all even more efficient. This may require painting some new lines and adding some new signage. This will help customers know where to enter your lot, where to wait for their order and how to exit your parking lot.



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