Shot blasting

What is Shot Blasting and How Does it Work?

Traffic paint is commonly used on parking lots to mark fire lanes, parking stalls, traffic signs, and handicap stalls. Although traffic paint lasts significantly longer than normal paint, it is only a matter of time before it starts to fail. The strong rays of the sun and moisture caused by various forms of precipitation, all leave their lasting effects on parking lots. Over time the paint will either begin to fade or chip away. If new paint is placed directly on the failing paint, it is only a matter of time before it will start to chip right along with the old paint below it.

Properly preparing your asphalt or concrete surface for new paint is imperative to getting the most out of your new paint. There are several ways to prepare the surface, including pressure washing, sandblasting, and shot blasting. All have their advantages and disadvantages and today we will discuss shot blasting and how it works.

What is shot blasting?

Shot blasting uses metal beads “shot” out of a machine to “blast” away tough debris and contaminants. The shot blasting machine uses a centrifugal blast wheel to shoot the metal beads down at the concrete and the broken-up debris gets sucked into a collection bin while the metal beads cycle back into the machine.

Why should you use shot blasting?

There are several options for preparing your concrete surface for new paint and they all have their pros and cons. Some of the top reasons that shot blasting are superior to the other options are as follows :

  • It is a relatively quick method and provides better blast pattern accuracy than other options
  • It eliminates the need for non-eco-friendly and harsh chemicals
  • It facilitates the formation of a permanent bond between the protective coat (zinc, paint, or epoxy) and your asphalt/concrete surface, as well as highlights surface faults or defects.
  • The finished surface obtained is absolutely free from chemical deposits, scales, and dust content.
  • It increases both the longevity and durability of protective surface coats as it adheres better to the shot-blasted surface.

Shot blasting concrete is great for resurfacing, restoration, and repair. You’ll have a safer, cleaner, and prepared surface that is ready to maximize any paint that you will be adding to it! Fireman’s Paving would be honored to evaluate your property for shot blasting or any asphalt or concrete paving need! Give us a call today at 817-900-6947 to set up a FREE estimate!





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